Salut. đź‘‹

I’m a software developer, entrepreneur, and digital infrastructure expert, based out of MontrĂ©al, QuĂ©bec. I’m a co-founder of Linear Forest, a software agency, and the founder of BlackieOps, an internet infrastructure company.


I’ve been doing software development professionally since 2009. In that time, I’ve worked for Shopify (Developer, Payments Platform) and Wealthsimple (Senior Software Engineer, Platform Security), as well as few small agencies and startups. My first real job was working over the summers at Metalab during my high school years.

My technical experience spans high-performance backend APIs, cloud infrastructure and "DevOps", datacentre network architecture, security blue-teaming, and even frontend JS. In recent years, I've pivoted into an entrepreneurial path, co-founding Linear Forest (a custom software consultancy), and BlackieOps (a cybersecurity and infrastructure company).

A photo of Alex Blackie.


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