Greetings. I'm a computer programmer and systems architect, currently working at Flow, helping grow our API and production infrastructure.

I experiment a lot in my free time, and the results of that usually end up under the BlackieOps name.

I am an anglophone transplant in Montréal, Québec.

2009 I started my career doing freelance web development (primarily using WordPress) for local businesses under the name of X96 Design. I never made enough yearly income to warrant paying taxes, and did a lot of work for experience. However, since I was 13 at the time, that was just fine.
2012 I applied for a summer internship at Metalab and somehow landed a job as frontend web developer. My colleagues there taught me more than I could have ever imagined, including the magic of caffeine (thanks, Steven).
2015 I moved to Stembolt, building eCommerce sites in Rails. It was here that my interest in production engineering became realised. A company full of Linux users and backend developers was a significantly different experience, and I was able to learn so much from my colleagues during my time there.
2017 I was stolen back into the Metalab family into my current role at Flow.

Professionally I get to build, maintain, and deploy software built with…

  • Ruby & Rails: the classic monolithic web stack
  • Elixir for heavily-concurrent, realtime data and event processing
  • Ansible for reliable and scalable server automation.
  • Hashicorp Terraform to easily replicate, audit, and document cloud resources.

Personally I tend to drift between languages and environments as my mood shifts.

  • Ruby is still the language I am most productive with; for example, this site is a Ruby app.
  • Java has a conflicted place in my heart, especially the JVM and servlet containers.
  • Elixir powers a number of my larger side projects, but none have yet to be completed.
  • Ansible helps me maintain my surprisingly-expansive personal infrastructure.

My past experience lends itself to some fun stories and rants…

  • Chef was my first experience with automation, before Ansible. Chef is the reason I tried Ansible.
  • PHP was my first "backend" programming language. I wrote many (probably insecure) web apps back in early days of my career.
  • WordPress was a large part of the beginning of my career, though I'm useless with it now.