About Me

Greetings. I am a web developer, systems administrator, "DevOps" automator, and sometimes a drummer. I have been fortunate in my nearly decade-long career to have a chance to work at all levels of the web stack: from enterprise JavaScript SPA's, to cloud-native backend APIs in various languages, to various DevOps and infrastructure projects in and below the Cloud. Je parle un peu français, et 私は少し日本語を話しいます。

My Career


I started my career doing freelance web development (primarily using WordPress) for local businesses under the name of X96 Design. I did a lot of work for experience, however, since I was 13 at the time, that was just fine.


I applied for a summer internship at Metalab and after a while, ended up full-time as a frontend web developer. My colleagues there taught me more than I could have ever imagined, including the magic of caffeine (thanks, Steven). Near the end of my tenure, I had moved more towards backend work, and helped build the original prototypes of Flow Chat.


At Stembolt (defunct 2018) I had the opportunity to work closely with business owners and stakeholders in various markets building custom eCommerce software based on Ruby on Rails. My time at Stembolt also provided ample opportunities to develop my interests and knowledge of DevOps, networking, and developer tooling as I took on more responsibility within the organization.


At Flow I joined the API team to contribute to building and maintaining the Ruby and Elixir codebases behind the product. In addition to my API duties, I also took ownership of DevOps and production infrastructure initiatives and projects, wherein I standardized, automated, and documented numerous workflows, policies, and systems. My duties additionally extended to being a member of the security team, working with white-hat hackers in a bug bounty program, and implementing and coordinating deployment of mitigations.


As a developer at Shopify, I helped plan, explore, and have many meetings about various payment processing systems, and had the opportunity to mentor new members of our team.