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2023-03-04 Worry about software governance, not license
2022-09-17 Stop Selling Your Damn Startups
2022-01-27 Finding files in Neovim with fzy
2021-08-15 Email Authenticity 101: DKIM, DMARC, and SPF
2021-08-03 Automate commit co-authors when pairing
2021-07-16 Continuous Delivery to AKS with a Service Principal, Securely
2021-01-20 Simple configuration for UUID primary keys in Ecto
2020-12-14 Resiliency in SaaS codebases through productisation
2020-07-17 Stateless Nextcloud on Kubernetes
2020-07-10 Build Worse Software
2019-06-16 Generating Static Sites with Make and Bash
2018-06-18 DevOps in the Closet
2018-05-06 A Review of the Dell Latitude 7214
2018-03-11 Hostile Private Networks in the Cloud
2017-12-23 Taking Control of Bell Fibe
2016-03-06 Thinkpad X250: It's actually great.
2015-11-08 AWS VPCs: Getting Started
2015-07-22 Quick and Dirty Containers with systemd
2014-11-14 Asus X205TA Netbook Review
2011-04-08 Fixing PHP mail() on Ubuntu
2011-03-14 Facebook's Compromising My Privacy
2011-03-06 Persistent WordPress Custom Post Types
2010-12-25 Simple Backup Script for Linux Servers