Everyday Carry

I try not to carry more than I need to get work done from wherever I am.

For the significant items, I have:

  • 14" Macbook Pro (2021, M1 Max, 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD)
  • Bose QuietComfort QC45 wireless headphones
  • Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)
  • Apple iPhone 12 Mini in blue, caseless
  • Midori MD-Paper notebook and a couple pens.

For accessories, I carry:

  • Anker 747 GaN multiport charger
  • Apple Wired EarPods, for video calls or emergencies
  • Startech USB-C hub, for port expansion
  • ADATA 64GB USB drive, for Linux or whatever else
  • Logitech MX Master for games or precision.

And to keep everything connected together:

  • Apple Magsafe charging cable
  • USB-C to Lightning charging cable
  • USB-A to mini-USB charging cable
  • Apple Thunderbolt Pro Cable, also serves as a general USB-C cable
  • Monoprice CAT.5E Ethernet just in case

I also carry some non-tech essentials:

  • Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses
  • First-aid kit, originally from London Drugs
  • Various infection prevention items, eg., masks and hand sanitizer
  • STM-branded screen cleaning cloth, also good for glasses
  • Tide stick, to avoid public humiliation.

All this is stored in two main bags:

  • The main bag is the GoRuck GR-1 military-spec rucksack
  • The interior accessories bag is the LTT Tech Sack, from my fellow Canadians at Linus Tech Tips.
Wooden table with a backpack and its contents placed in front of it.
Desk with one monitor, a split keyboard, macbook, and lamp, in a corner of a room with a Montreal Métro poster and Linux clock on the wall above.

Home Office

My home office is geared to be as simple and clean as I can get it, while still being productive. There's not much I would change about this setup.

  • Dell U2520D 25", 1440p display
  • ZSA Voyager with Ambients "Twilight" switches
  • Apple Magic Trackpad 2
  • Audient iD4 audio interface
  • Moondrop Chu II in-ear monitors
  • Shure SM7B, amplified by a Cloudlifter CL-1
  • Blue Compass/Radius microphone arm and shock-mount.

I also have some non-computer items for decoration or support:

  • IKEA NYMÅNE work light with USB-C and wireless Qi charging
  • Fake plant from Structube

As for the furniture all this is sitting on:

  • Flexispot E7 motorized standing desk
  • Herman Miller Mirra 2 ("fully-loaded") office chair.


The most accurate resource for the details on my software setup is my dotfiles and the Ansible playbooks that set up all my machines.

In summary:

  • Arc for web browsing
  • kitty for a terminal emulator
  • neovim for text editing
  • DataGrip for advanced SQL work
  • Doppler for playing local media
  • Obsidian for notetaking
  • Todoist for keeping track of my life
  • Apple apps for mail and calendar
  • Microsoft Office for documents and spreadsheets
  • Nextcloud for cloud file storage
  • Tailscale for a personal Wireguard mesh network
  • 1Password for secrets
Screenshot of a macOS dock.